Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am disturbed by the crazy life-styles that you
are living in this country. I hereby wish to
make the following observations.
You know, and we also know where you
came from; poverty. From humble beginnings,
today you are at the helm of affairs in this
You got to the position you are because of
the (common) people(?). But now it is the
same people that you oppress. The ladder you
used in order to attain the zenith is the same
ladder you are breaking into pieces. You drive
recklessly on the pot-holed roads and kill
innocent people. You do not spare even the
My questions to you are; Have you forgotten
your inevitable eventual end? We were all
created out of similar particles, and we all
have a similar end. We shall all end in the
grave. Do you think your wealth can exempt
you from death? One important thing you
must note is that when that moment comes,
your convoy (armed and unarmed) cannot
shield you.
What is the way out? You may want to ask
yourselves. The way out is: Do the right thing
at all times. By the time you are doing the
right thing all the time, you won’t have the
need to arm yourselves and harm the
common man. You won’t require bullet-proof
cars or armoured-vehicles to drive around.
There won’t be the need to waste tax-payers’
money to protect yourselves while you
abandon the common man at the mercy of
abject poverty and insecurity.
Finally, I am afraid of an imminent violent
revolution which may occur in Nigeria. It has
happened in other places and i see it coming
our way.
God Bless Nigeria!